2 in 1 Screen Cleaner


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  • Keeping yourself from touching your face or mouth is one thing, but have you thought about the number of times in a day you let your cell phone touch your face? And to make matters worse, threads can stay alive on surfaces made from a variety of materials
  • But don’t worry about catching something from your phone because a few whiffs and a swipe from the OneSwipe Hygienic Monitor Cleaner can help you steer clear from 6 different types of dirts on your touch screen
  • Yes, you don’t have to be bothered about keeping swipes with you. Just spray the screen and clean it with the mini fiber cloth. A whiff or two and your phone or gadget will be sparkling clean. It clear away dead skin cells, fingerprints, from screens and devices.
  • Not just cellphones, the OneSwipe Hygienic Cleaner works well for all electronic devices.
  • Keeping yourself protected when you leave your home must be your top priority, and this Hygienic Cleaner takes the pressure of traveling with a phone off your shoulders.