2 in 1 USB-C Hub Docking Station With Hard Drive Enclosure

$179.99 $126.40


Do you need more ports for your workflow? Or maybe an extra storage?

It can be annoying or sometimes frustrating when you don't have that extra ports when you need it for work. Especially today that ports are getting minimal on the newer gadgets.

Well, this is where this product can help resolve that problem for content creators like you that use a lot of ports for their work. Imagine having an extra external storage and extra ports all in one. 

But instead of the big bulking docking stations, you have a small elegant and powerful product that can fit right on your desk without taking up so much space.

Even if you don't have an iMac, this would still be the perfect gadget that you can bring with you anywhere, anytime.

  • Plug and play, no software needed
  • External storage enclosure for extra storage up to 2TB
  • SD Card slots for transferring media
  • USB Type C input connects directly to your Mac

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1. How many ports/slots are there?7 slots available

2. How do I connect it to my Mac?USB-C cable included to connect the device

3. Will this work with Macbook Air/Pro? Yes, this is compatible with other devices. Even PC.

4. Can I use SSD SATA for the enclosure? - Yes, up to 2TB

5. What if my device is defective?No problem. Just email us with your concern and we will do our best to resolve the issue. We also offer 30-days money back guarantee

6. How long is the shipping time? - Orders are processed within 1-3 business days and shipping time is 7-17 days. 

Questions? We're here to help!

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